Since the 1960’s there has been ongoing interest and research, especially in the Japanese scientific community, into the curative properties of water, especially the properties of various ‘Healing Waters” that have been used around the world for centuries.

The research has focused on scientifically understanding how this water is different than other types of water and technologically creating water with similar properties. It appears that one of the key factors is they all contain a high degree of ‘active Hydrogen’ molecules. These molecules bond with and flush out of the free radicals throughout the body that are responsible for a great number of degenerative diseased states.

For over 20 years, the Enagic company, which is headquartered near Osaka, Japan and was originally a division of the Sony Corporation, has manufactured ‘Continuous Ionized Electrolysis Water Generators’ that are used in hospitals, schools, daycare facilities and other public facilities, as well as domestically throughout the country.

In the last several years, a countertop unit easily attached to a faucet and designed for home use has become available in the United States. It is made with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship.

There are four basic things that the generator does to the water that passes through it. First, it is filtered. Impurities like chlorine, lead, rust, fluoride and any other contaminants are removed while the basic healthy mineral content is maintained.

Second, the water is alkalanized. Water with a pH ranging from 8.5 to 9.5 can be selected to drink. The initial cleansing reaction from drinking this water can be strong, so it is recommended that one begin with the 8.5 and gradually work up to 9.5. Alkalinity is one of the essential elements in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

There are other settings on the machine that make it possible to produce both an even more alkaline water,  with a pH of 11.5, as well as an acidic water with a pH of 5.5 as well as a ‘Strong Acid’ with a pH of 2.5. These other waters have a number of uses ranging from washing off grease stains and pesticides from vegetables and fruits (Strong Kangen), to washing and toning one’s skin (5.5 pH Acid Water), to acting as a strong disinfectant (Strong Acid). None of them are intended for internal use.

Third, the water molecules are ionized to make them more absorbable by the cells. Normal tap water tends to exhibit a phenomenon known as clumping, that is, it forms clusters of molecules clumped together. This makes it difficult for the cells to absorb and prevents proper hydration. Ionizing (meaning a process to create ions – atoms or molecules with a net positive or negative charge) of clumped water reduces their size, resulting in improved hydration.